North welcomes cultural exchange

Karla Cardenas-Pasten, Reporter & writer

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Foreign Exchange Students. Words heard, but often unnoticed. Within the walls of North, there are hundreds of different faces that students see each day as they transition from one class to another. From everyday stress, to high school drama, to thinking about what’s for lunch, it’s easy to overlook the cultural gems that make up North.

One of the best known attributes of North is the diversity. Just by taking a minute to look around, the variety of different of cultures is seen without a doubt. Not only in the languages spoken or in the food being eaten, but also in the atmosphere. An undeniable contribution being foreign exchange students.

Upperclassman Mathilda Tafemer, foreign exchange student from Italy

 ” I definitely think that the foreign exchange program offers an opportunity for increased diversity for all students involved,” Miguel Sabas Perez, Academy 3 counselor at North said. 

They add to the diversity , but how can other students and teachers benefit? Not only is it an opportunity for other students and teachers to exchange ideas but also perspectives. It’s a win-win that involves knowledge, acceptance, and understanding. 

“Benefits include a new outlook on world views, and a better understanding of how the world operates. Domestic students learn to welcome the new students, and foreign students learn to be resilient since they have to be away from home for the entire school year,” Sabas said. 

There are currently 3 foreign exchange students at North: two from Germany and one from Italy. 

“Everything is different. I like the school spirit here because in Italy you don’t see that. I also like how students here are more open, and friendly,” Mathilda Tafemer, foreign exchange student from Italy said.

Aside from Foreign exchange there are also students who have come from different countries such as Uganda and Korea. They too being a great contribution to the school.

“Coming from Korea, I was expecting to see a lot of different cultures. What I most like about North, is that there’s a lot of ethnicities, ” Freshman Daniel Kim said.