Freshman varsity soccer players ready to contribute

Jennifer Anima, Reporter

Uriel Aguilera and Jose Marin are the only two freshman varsity soccer players for the 2018-2019 season. Both players want to play until they graduate in 2022 and possibly turn their passion for soccer into a career someday.

With it being the beginning of the season the players each have an average playing time of about 40 minutes a game. Marin has had two goals and Aguilera one.

Aguilera has been playing since the age of 8 and Marin has been playing since the age of 7. Our soccer games are very popular due to the level our players play and overall how good we are when it comes to soccer. “I feel good because I worked hard for my spot and did everything I could to show I belong here.” Aguilera said.

Along with the excitement of being able to play varsity, these freshman have been hit with a lot of pressure and high expectations from the coaches and teammates. “I believe we were picked because we have a better understanding of the game so the team expects us to keep up with the speed of the play,” Marin said. “There’s pressure on the team because we want to win city league and we are getting prepared for that,” Aguilera said.

Aguilera and Marin both want to gain experience and progression throughout the year from and with the team, especially from Alfonso Ceballos a senior captain for the Varsity team who is described as very talented and skilled when it comes to soccer. “He is a very skilled player and when he gets the ball it’s usually going to goal or at least a good play is going to happen,” Aguilera said.

The soccer program is fortunate to have two fresh new players that will be able to lead and and share their learning experiences with others once they are seniors.”We both look forward to assisting each other in scoring goals,”Marin said. . “We’re taking city, that’s for sure,”Aguilera  said.