Class of 2022 begins high school

Carina Barron and Eddie Arenas

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More than 600 freshman arrived at North on the first day of school. We asked some freshman how they felt about coming into high school.

“High school is harder, just because it’s more students and a way bigger school than what we went to,” Flor Delgado said. “Here at school teachers are so much easier on you than in middle school, when they try to prepare you for high school.”

“I plan to enjoy my first year here in high school. So far it’s not difficult. I haven’t really talked to many people around here,” Marcos Montanz said.

“My AVID teacher walked us through the process, so I knew what to expect,” Alexia Westra said.

Coming into high school is a big change for everyone, especially going from a small school to a big one. It’s more students, more teachers. Students don’t see their teachers every day like in middle school. Also, advocacy gives students more opportunities to complete homework.

Another new experience in high school is having classes with other grades levels. Westra said that was a big change because she never knew high school would have mixed classes. “Having mixed classes was something new for me. I never imagined I would have all grades in just one class,” she said.

Montanz is part of the Bio-Med program. “We’ve already been doing labs and it’s only the second week!”



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