Foreign language gets new teacher

Kenda Farhat, Reporter

Ms. Rumple is a Foreign Language teacher who is new to North this year. When asked about why she chose North High, she said that it had felt right, because her family has roots at North. She also has long-term subbed  at the school before, and enjoyed the students and environment, along with the great department. Before this year, she taught at Southeast, and had graduated from Valley Center. Ms. Rumple started learning Spanish in 7th grade, and said it felt natural to her and stuck with her. She grew up surrounded by the culture because her step-dad is Mexican. She loves Spanish because it feels like a new way to express herself, and opens doors to a new world. Though she has been teaching for 14 years, she still has new goals at North with one being to continue growing the World Language department. Outside of school, she enjoys participating in trivia and bowling, and is a mother to three dogs.