History Club hosts meeting


Janet Robles

History club hosts meeting about Waterfest.

Rosalia Salazar and Janet Robles

History club hosted its first meeting of second semester today during lunch.

The club discussed potential field trip opportunities, t-shirt designs, and what the club would be doing for Waterfest. “I was really excited to talk about field trips because we haven’t really planed one or gone on one yet,” club member Antonio Hernandez said. The club hadn’t met until now so their field trip didn’t get planned.

The club also discussed what itsplan would be for Waterfest on April 27th. The club usually sells walking tacos and all club members agreed that would also be the plan for this year’s event. Club members assigned each other specific roles for their Waterfest food table.

The club also discussed new t-shirt designs and club meetings that will take place outside of school.  Their next meeting will be on April 19th and they will be finalizing their Waterfest plans.