Students reflect on day filled with alert security

Rosalia Salazar

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A message threatening the safety of students and staff was found written on a bathroom stall yesterday.

Principal Sherman Padgett sent out a message to parents and students stating that he was “not scared” but that all students and staff should expect “an increased police and security presence on campus.” Padgett sent out the message at around 7:30 p.m. Wednesday and students quickly found out and reacted.

“I was freaking out when I found out,” Gracie Zoellner said. “One of my friends sent it in a group chat and we were all talking about it.”

Students and families quickly began to feel the anxiety over whether or not they should attend school. “I didn’t want to come today, I felt really scared,” Zoellner said.

“My mom didn’t get the call but I told her about it and she just told me to be be safe,” Alex Hernandez said.

As students arrived they were met with a big security presence and metal detectors at every main entrance. Student bags were checked before they could enter the building. “I felt like they went way too far with the metal detectors,”  Hernandez said. “Checking our bags was a violation of student rights.”

The requirement of IDs being worn all day was significantly reinforced by teachers and administrators. Overall, the day was calm and no significant problems occurred.