Students running out of time to change schedule

Natassja Washington, Writer

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This is one of the busiest times of the year for counselors. Students are hurrying into their academy to get their schedules changed before it gets too late.


Students enroll in classes the year before, unless they are a new student. Counselors have students enroll early so that students can choose the classes they want to have and so that they can make students’ schedule based upon the classes they want to take.


Some counselors won’t let students out of classes that they have chosen, especially a honors or advanced placement classes.


“Most times we do not let students move out of honors or advanced placement classes,” counselor Amanda Glazier said.


Students also may not be removed from a class if they don’t have a good reason. “ I don’t like that class” is not a good reason to use when going to your counselors.


Students are piling up in their academies to change their schedules. But is this the best time to do it?


“The best time to change your schedule is before the end of the first semester,” Glazier said.


Students should be careful of what classes they choose for next year because some counselors aren’t as nice as others. Some counselors will make students stay in the classes that they have enrolled themselves into.