Kassandra Mendez and Eduardo Arenas

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Unarmed and Armed exhibition kicked off its season as they train to compete in Ozark in December. Unarmed Exhibition will be having a tryout Friday, November 3rd.

Meanwhile Armed Exhibition has a solid team build up of mostly seniors have now started official practices.

“Both teams will hopefully have a chance and perform at halftime during basketball games, just like the Armed team did last year,” Major Phillips said.

Unarmed and Armed Exhibition are routines that are around seven minutes long. Where its platform is marching but also mixed in with movements that are not used in basic drill. The difference between Armed and Unarmed Exhibition is that in Armed you will see spinning and throwing rifles, then again both have very interesting routines which are very complicated, all memorized by the cadets marching.

Progress is being made as they compete not only for another trophy to put up in the classroom but to put up a good completion to their rivals, the South High Titans.


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