E.Doty Clair scholarship

Carina Barron, Reporter

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Receiving a scholarship is great. Did you ever wonder the background about the scholarship you get? And why you get it? Well the drama department gives the E.Doty Clair scholarship. The E.Doty Clair “gives 1 or 2 students the opportunity to go to school and help pay for some of their college, but it depends on the number of kids accepted,” Mr. Galbreath said. This scholarship either gives out $750 or $300-$500. Not everyone receives the scholarship. Only two or three students per year are awarded the scholarship, but they need to have a certain GPA and be active in their class and do community service. “When this scholarship started it was to benefit a student who was in theater” Galbreath, said. Last year two students received this scholarship: Christian Coronado and Jaylea Sutton.