Senior Class 2024

Kimberly Mijares, Reporter

The remote class of 2020 is finally coming to their final year of school. Senior class 2024 is next in graduating and all we can say is wow. First high school year online to three years being in school and before you know it, we’ll be walking the stage next year. People really mean it when they say time flies.

Such a bittersweet moment realizing we’re becoming seniors and our school years are coming to an end. 13-14 years of school and education and we’ll soon be able to say we did it. Online wasn’t easy for everyone but we got through that obstacle, showing anything can be overcome.

Graduating class of 2020 didn’t get the opportunity to walk which is still talked about and is still devastating, so we’re thankful that we have that opportunity. Enjoy your high school years, they’re not something you can get back. Make your experience remarkable and memorable, make friends, join clubs, try out for sports, make the best of it. A lot of students regret not doing more during their high school years and why have that regret hovering over you throughout your life.

The moment we’ve been waiting for… good luck Class of 2024! Make every day count.