Starting a small business as a student


Kimberly Mijares, Writer

I, Kimberly Mijares, am a North High Junior AVID student. I recently started my own small business of crocheted items. I started off making crochet flower bouquets and I am looking forward to expanding my makings.

For a while I had been wanting to start an at home small business, but I held off for some time. There was pressure behind making something not knowing whether it’d sell or not. I took a couple months learning and practicing until I got it down, and I ended up desiring the idea of working from home and handmaking projects that I could sell.

When I posted my first bouquet a couple days ago, I was flattered from the amount of people who wanted one, I didn’t expect it. That feeling motivated me to continue with this business and expand further into it. I’d say so far it been a success and I hope to perfect my work and get a larger clientele this summer.

Sometimes you just have to go for it, you’d be surprised who buys and pays what for something they like. It’s important to be fair while running a small business and to make sure every customer gets the same service. Some won’t like your policies or pricing but there’s a group that’ll support and that’s all that matters.

Starting a small business, you have to put your time, effort, and dedication into it. There’s a lot of small things you have to think about while running one like how to promote yourself, build your clientele, ways to make your product different than those selling the same, etc. If you really have the passion for something, put your all into it. Maybe it’ll take time at first but the more consistent you are, the more you’ll grow, not only the business itself, but you as a person as well.