The Soaring Poters


Sandra Vazquez, Reporter

On Friday 21, 2023 students from North High School attended to a pottery competition at WSU called the Clay Olympics. They were accompanied by Ms. Thomas a ceramics and pottery teacher at North.

She had the opportunity to select 8 people who would be able to participate in the competition. Only students who are enrolled in Ceramics and Pottery 2 and 3 are qualified to go.

Every student was given a t-shirt to wear on this field trip, the shirt had the group’s name which is,

“The soaring potters.”

At Wichita State University the students had the opportunity to join various small competitions that included throwing and building certain objects with clay.

Talking to Ariathna Martinez, one of the students who attended to this event, she stated:

“I am very excited to have gone to his event. I had a lot of fun and hopefully I will be able to go again next year.”

It was Ariathna’s first year going to this competition, and she was grateful to have attended. She had the opportunity to make new memories while representing North High.

Every school who attended was ranked based on their performance and North High finished on 3rd place.