Pando having a successful year

Elle Warren, Reporter

The Pando organization has been a part of the North High community for a few years now. However, this year has been its best yet.

“Students are able to come and get their resources met faster this year,” Sandra Sanchez said.

Pando has recently opened a community fridge that is helpful to any students that are hungry.

“The community fridge is open to the whole school, and literally the whole school uses it which is what we love to see,” Lavandria Fountain, Pando representative said.

Pando has many more resources other than the fridge that many different students use.

“It is beneficial to them when it comes to resources, when it comes to food, being able to have that support system they need if they’re feeling like they’re behind, if they need help making up work, or if they’re honestly just hungry,” Lavandria Fountain said.