Reality U returns to North

Marie Loest, Reporter

Reality U is a great program for high school students to experience. This program was brought to North by Ms. Sanchez with Pando for the sophomore class to participate in.  Reality U provides real life moments to teach young students what to expect and how it will change life so quickly.

“I think it provides a little bit of a window into life and adult responsibilities,” Mr. McCoskey said. “This program gives students a look into what adults have to make decisions about and what they have to give up just to make sure they can pay for utilities.”

“This is a pretty good way to learn about money budgeting and how we might live. I believe this is a good way to get our feet wet into getting older,” student Elsa Bishop said.

The different stations give the students a look into how to make big decisions and really keep a close eye on money. They really get a feel for what it’s like to spend money on the necessities.

“Reality U is just the game of life but in person. I think this is important because it opens up their eyes to what their parents have to pay. I don’t think children understand how much everything costs, with childcare, food, and cellphones,” Ms. Sanchez said.

Reality U is a very important program for students to get an insight of what adulthood can look like.