Prom Preparations


Sandra Vazquez, Reporter

With Prom happening around the corner many Juniors and Seniors are making their plans and preparing for the big night. Prom will be held on April 1st, at Century II from 7:30 p.m. to 10:30 p.m.

Talking to many Juniors they stated how they are excited that this year’s prom is not being held at North High. It is a nice change of setting and hopefully students are able to have a great night with their friends.

Attending to this event comes along with many costs. Girls have to buy their dresses, shoes, pay for make up, and guys have to pay for their suits and haircuts.

There are also extra activities that students plan out before prom such as taking pictures and getting food, and these also come with additional cost.

“I’m planning to get ready, then go take pictures with my friends before going to Prom,” Junior nVeronica Quijada said.

Katie Salgado stated that she had spent 120 dollars, not including the tickets and dinner, she also mentioned how she felt good about how much money she spent because usually Prom attire is much more expensive for other people.

Besides the expenses, Prom also requires time, many students said that it would take them between 2 and 5 hours to get ready and at least another 3 hours to take pictures and get food.

In conclusion, April 1st will be an early day for many North High Students but surely will be worth it at the end of the night. Students will be able to have fun and make great memories along with their friends.