Prank Call Leads to Another Lock Out

On Wednesday March 1st of 2023, panic invaded the classrooms once again at North High School. As soon as students were heading to their first hour, administration received information reporting that there was potential danger on school’s grounds.

The bell rang, and at exactly 8:00 a.m., an announcement was made. Students were told to report to their classrooms immediately. An email was sent at 8:03 a.m. to teachers to inform them that there had been a call made to 911 stating there was a possible shooter on campus.

After the pledge of allegiance, Principal Stephanie Wasko announced that the school was currently in a lock out and that safety measures were immediately being taken. Administration and security guards began checking up on the staff and walking around the building as well as police officers.

This brought comfort to some teachers, as the situation was handled better this time than last fall’s incident. Some students and teachers didn’t take it seriously as there have been several prank calls made before.

“At first I thought it was fake, but as soon as I got the email, I felt my heart completely drop,” says Ms. Rivas

Although once again we know it was only a prank and safety measures were taken faster and more effectively, there’s still a possibility that something could happen in the future.

As metal detectors are now an addition to North High this gives a sense of confidence, but many still don’t feel completely safe.

It was later notified that North was not the only school being targeted. There were several other schools that had received a prank call that same day.