BPA Competitions

Sandra Vazquez, Reporter

On Thursday February 23, North High Students from the BPA club attended to their State Competition. The acronym BPA stands for Business Professionals of America. This club is for students who are interested in business and technical occupations.

In this group, students are able to compete in different categories that depend on their career and personal interests. Some of the categories being podcast, presentation individual, entrepreneurship, banking and finance. During the competitions students learn new techniques and they also get the chance to win various awards.

The conference opening of this event began at 1:30 p.m. and took place at Hilton Double Tree Hotel. Students were dismissed early from their classes to allow them to attend.

After the inauguration, students began their presentations later that afternoon. Each student was given a specified time.

The presentations occurred at Friends University and transportation was provided from the hotel to the University.

While some presented that same Thursday, others were scheduled to present the next day, Friday the 24th.

Talking to Brylie Fergerson a Junior at North who is part of the club, she shared how her experience was very good overall. Something she enjoyed was how the competition was set up and ran.

“I was able to learn new aspects of the business world and just how much work goes into it. I am looking forward to more competitions my senior year, hoping to improve my skills and win some awards.” Said Brylie.

With a total of three day the competition was finalized on Saturday 25th, with the awards ceremony which was held at the Hilton Hotel.

Depending on the event, the top 3 and top 5 students were awarded and given certificates.

Students who placed on their events will be able to attend to Nationals during the month of march. Such encounter will take place in Anaheim California.