Reality U at Pleasant Valley


Sandra Vazquez, Reporter

In the attempt of completing their volunteering hours for the AVID curriculum. Students from North High School attended to Pleasant Valley Middle School on February 2, 2023. They helped out with the annual Reality U orientation that is held at different middle schools.

North High students were there for an approximate of 7 hours. They were responsible for helping to set up the event and to later talk and explain the given tasks to the other students that attended.

Reality U is a financial literacy event that is used to give middle schooler a sense of “reality”. It teaches them about the adult life and helps them understand the importance of making smart choices in life.

AVID Student Nuvia Castillo said:

“It was fun to be able to help 8th graders learn about the responsibilities they will have once they get older.”

They also mentioned how this event was not only beneficial for the middle schoolers but for themselves as well. Jenny Robledo commented how she got to learn about the expenses of the items that are needed in life such as insurance, housing and food.

These volunteering opportunities help students put their skills in practice and also learn new skills. They help to reinforce their communication and helps them practice their patience.

Wendy Escoto added how she was happy to have attended to this event.

“I feel like we formed stronger bonds as an AVID family by spending time together and helping each other.”

North High had a great appearance in this event thanks to our amazing students. They effectively showed what is like to be part of the North High family.