Early North Grad Making Dreams Come True


Kimberly Mijares, Reporter

Oscar Vitela Jr, a senior, early North graduate, took a big step graduating a semester early, preparing to enter Paul Mitchell The School for the barber program. Marking two years in February, is how long he’s been changing people’s life, simply with a haircut.

“You must go into it with confidence, so the client comes out with confidence,” Vitela said.

“It feels like I’m entering a whole new world, the barber industry really is a huge industry that not just anyone can go into. Every barber has their own special touch, and they have their own way of cutting hair, that’s what’s so unique about it. Creativity plays a big role, you have to think of ways to put yourself out there and promote yourself to get people to come to you. The more clientele you get, the more people know about you and more opportunities start opening up. Consistency is the key. Expand on your social platforms to get your name out there, some will like what they see and go to you.”

“I have a vision, and I’m going after it. Inspiring others inspires me to do better and take another step forward. I’ve come too far to stop, I’m only going up from here.” adds Vitela.