North High Holds Annual Open House


Elle Warren and Kadence Westley

North High school held its annual open house last night for incoming freshman. This gave them opportunities to see what their options are when they come to North High.

“It allows them to see different components of high school and all the different programs that they are allowed to be in”, Science Teacher Shane Johnson said.

There were many booths that had different activity and sport options for the Class of 2027 students.

“I’m looking forward to going into sports,” Juliet Ornelas, an eighth grader said.

All the opportunities at North High was shocking for not only the eighth graders, but the parents of them too.

“I didn’t know North High offered all this, it’s pretty cool,” Rick Smith, a parent said.

An event like this gives the potential students an idea of what high school is like for their next school year.

“I’m excited for a new environment and new people,” Skylar Perez, an eighth grader said.