Students return from winter break ready for second semester

Sandra Vazquez, Reporter

Wichita North High students started their winter break on December 16, 2022. After the pressure of their first semester finals, many were happy to finally be able to go home and enjoy the holidays surrounded by their families and loved ones.

The break lasted for a little more than 2 weeks. Students agreed that finals are definitely something they stress about and knowing that they will have a break right after brings them some relief.

“While I’m excited to be back in school and have a fresh start,” student Yolanda Garcia said. “I also feel that the stress of having good grades is back on my shoulders, not to mention that ACTs are also on some students’ agendas.”

Students had to report back to class on January 4, 2023, to start the second semester. For some kids, the second half of the year is typically easier.

Their familiarity with the instructors and the material being taught has increased, which helps in their academic development. They now have more self-assurance when asking for help and communicating with their classmates.

Ms. Rivas a teacher in the math department said that she tends to have lower grades during second semester because the material gets harder, but students usually adjust to the courses rather quickly.

Unfortunately, this situation usually only applies to core classes. Many students end up having new elective subjects during the second semester, which can feel like starting over for them. Students are under pressure because they must learn the expectations and procedures of their new teachers.