Community Fridge


Marie Loest, Reporter

You can’t tell me you’ve been wondering why that random fridge in F Hall is just sitting there. Well that is the North High Community Fridge. Ms. Sanchez is in charge of this wonderful resource. This will provide food for students who need something because there wasn’t anything at home or couldn’t get lunch.

A local church has donated the fridge to our school to help Ms. Sanchez bring this idea to life. On December 1st the Community Fridge had its grand opening. Woodland United Methodist Church had provided the very first donation to our fridge.

The purpose of the fridge is to provide food to students who are in need. Students who are struggling at home to get a good breakfast or struggling to afford the lunches. The fridge is in the hall so you don’t have to ask or talk to anyone about your situation. It’s a way to just walk up and take something to eat with no explanation.

“I don’t want this to just be a snack to pick up,” Ms. Sanchez says. The fridge is for the kids who really need it. Not the ones who are just hungry from one class to another.”

The fridge will contain all kinds of different foods. From fruits/ veggies, yogurt, juice, milk, to even something as simple as water. There is a smaller rolling cart to the side of the fridge that contains items such as ramen cups, granola bars, and canned items.

Ms. Sanchez says, “I want this to really be a resource and very much a community effort. I want this to become just like any other community fridge in the Wichita area. The more awareness, hopefully more will contribute to donations.”

Ms. Sanchez is looking for not just organizations or the community but clubs around North High to help provide the fridge. If there is a club wanting to sponsor a month they would be in charge of cleaning the fridge, stocking, organizing, or collecting donations.

Our Community Fridge is here to make an impact at North High and here to help students who need a little something.