Market Day challenges students by running their own business


Elle Warren, Reporter

Market Day at North High is very fun for all of the students. Market day is 2 days where students ranging from Sophomores to Seniors, make, sell, and promote their businesses.

These entrepreneurs had to come up with ideas on what to sell, how much to sell it for, and what supplies they need.

“I saw a lot of people at butches corner buying hot chips so then I just thought of nachos,” Tim Williams, a junior said.

The first day, students were very stressed.

“I had a long line and it was a slow process,” Tim Williams, said.

Some students were even unable to make any food at all.

“Yesterday, our fryer stopped working and we literally didn’t make any money,” Raylle Valdez, a sophomore said.

These students all worked very hard all semester for Market Day, so they weren’t going to let these problems stop them. The second day ended up working out better for the students.

“My team worked really hard,” Raylle Valdez said.

“Now, I will never ever judge market day sellers.”