Rage Room ICT

Marie Loest, Reporter

Are you looking for a place to get out your anger? Or just a place to destroy objects with your friends. The ICT Rage Room is totally for you.

At the Rage Room, located at 2952 N. Arkansas Ave., you are able to destroy so many things. Including, glass bottles, TV’s, speakers, glass doors, sinks, and so much more. This extravagant place it such a reliever. If you have any built up emotions or anger towards anything you can use bats, sledgehammers, or crowbars to break anything.

But don’t worry about the price. This Rage Room is very affordable for anyone and everyone. The more people you bring, of course the price raises. But if you want time to smash on the car or smash a piano it does cost a little bit extra but totally worth it.

There are also different levels of objects you can smash. For example, the lowest tier you will only get a certain number of bottles to smash, but the highest tier you can smash bunches of bottles as well as more breakable objects. The one thing is you only get an hour to smash everything you paid for.

The Rage Room ICT it totally worth you time in a day as well as the money spent on it.