Electives Fair


This week started the first ever electives fair for North High. Councelor Logan Stork and others decided that current students needed more exposure to the elective classes offered at North.

“Students may only know of a few electives North has to offer. Students may only know of a few electives; they might see the name of an elective but may not know what it is. This event is all about student exposure and making connections to students and teachers,” Academey 1 counselor Logan Stork said.

The electives fair is held upstairs in the new gym. Juniors attended the fair this week. Sophomores are next week, and freshman the week after. This fair leads into pre-enrollment starting in November. The fair helps guide students into choosing electives they actually want and put a better idea of what is offered out on the table.

“I hope to be able to recruit kids that I may not have otherwise had the opportunity to meet,” Choir teacher Amy Davidson said.

“I thought that the event benefited us a lot and it gave us a lot of opportunity’s” Junior Simon Fajera said.