‘Like Family,’ North graduate gives back

Marie Loest, Reporter

Once again David Riches has generously donated money to the North Choir program. Riches has been donating to the Choir program for about seven to eight years. He graduated from North High in 1962, as an alumnus he comes back to visit the school as much as possible.

“It didn’t matter where I came from, being in the North High Singers (now known as Madrigals) was my family. We would see each other in the halls, and they were my family. Even when I graduated school, they were still my family. Now that is why I do what I do and come back,” Riches said.

Riches belongs to the Harmony Foundation. The Harmony Foundation is a non-profit with the purpose to enrich lives through singing. The foundation is all over the United States and is connected to Barbershop specifically.
Riches said, “The first time I donated money I came by myself just to see what those memories sounded like. Ms. Davidson let me just come on in and sit down to listen. I thought to myself I should give this a shot. So I was curious if the Harmony Foundation would like this. ”

When Riches comes back and listens to all of the students singing, he still feels the family in the room.

Ms. Davidson is filled with excitement about Dave donating money to help the program. “I can’t even express how much this helps, it takes thousands of dollars a year to run this choral program and my budget has just decreased by the year,” Ms. Davidson said.

This money will help provide music for the choir students; it can provide nice new folders to put each piece of music in. This money will make such an impact on the resources that can now be provided for the program.

Riches is making an impact on every student and helping North students in many ways that a lot of other people could not. He is a prime example of why North alumni is so important to the school.