In-person parent teacher conferences a success

Jadon Bird and Emily Dilbeck

After spending the previous two school years doing remote conferences through Advocacy, North made the change to go back to in-person parent-teacher conferences.

Many students and families said how much they preferred this setup over online or previous conference setups. Many teachers also preferred this way of discussing their students grades, behavior, etc. As Mrs. Davidson said, “There was a lot more people that I saw, it was pretty loud in the cafeteria so maybe find a different place next time, but other than that pretty good, definitely better connection with people compared to online.”

The change to put all the teachers on one floor was also very popular. We asked a few  students what they thought. One student said, “I liked how I didn’t have to walk a million miles to every class, and my mom appreciated that too.” Another student said, “My grandma liked actually being able to meet my teachers because they weren’t super far.” So having all the teachers in a closer region was definitely a plus.

Families can also look forward to even more improvements towards conferences, according to Assistant Principal Claudio Flores. “There are going to be some adjustments for next year like bigger signs, interpreters and finding better locations and sizing for each stand.”