A Response to last Thursday’s Events

Peyton Adams, Reporter

 Recent events have led to most students and parents being very upset, myself included. T

Though it’s easy to understand the very tough position Administration was put in, I think a majority of people would agree when I say that the situation could’ve been handled better.

Last Thursday afternoon, there was a false active shooter call which was responded to by the Wichita Police Department at our school. 

 A police officer came to Mr. Sinclair’s classroom and many other classrooms and told teachers told lock their doors. “He basically came to my door and said ‘we are in lockdown’,” Sinclair said.

“At first we were working on our project, I saw Sinclair’s face and he rushed everybody into the room,” Senior Malayasia Walker said.

 After we were given the all clear, there was an announcement stating that we aren’t and were never on lockdown.

 This was the most upsetting part for me. The complete lack of communication led to so much panic. Personally it was very worrisome to be sat on the ground in a dark classroom, doors locked, everyone quiet, and cops with guns drawn inside our building. Then being told that we were never on a lockdown and that we had nothing to worry about made me feel uncomfortable.

 Our principal, Stephanie Wasko,  was not aware that the police were on their way to North after School Resource Officer Robert Wise concluded that it was a false alarm.

“Basically we had no reports of anything at the school itself, myself and security went through all three halls completely,” Wise said.

“Officer Wise immediately radioed (police radio/not building radio) to WPD officers enroute to let them know that the building was safe and gave an all clear.  I was not aware that additional units were being sent to the school until I overheard police radio traffic between Officer Wise and responding officers,” Mrs. Wasko explained.

They were only able to give limited information due to this ongoing criminal investigation.

  Students, staff, and parents had every right to be upset about the situation considering there were police inside our building. When parents were told students were allowed to walk around during this time it led to many upset families. “We got no sort of information even after it was over,” Senior Damian Rodriguez said.

I believe the lack of communication to not only the staff but also the students, is only making us more worried.

“School administration, district administration, our SRO and security, Wichita Police Department representative, and a teacher representative met to debrief and have identified areas for improvement and have developed and/or revised procedures to address these issues,” Wasko said.