Get to know Emiliano Gallo


Maria Julia Contreras-Figueroa , Reporter

Emiliano Gallo is a state qualifier for soccer and the winter Homecoming king.

Emiliano is a senior involved in soccer, Avid, and Spanish Honors Society.

He has most enjoyed participating in soccer. This year, he played a huge part in the team’s success. The North High soccer team went as far as to the final four at state. The two biggest games they faced were against Kapaun and Dodge city.

Emiliano scored the leading goal against Kapaun and led the team to victory. With the leading goal, he set the pace for his team and helped North win the city league title for the first time in North history.

Against Dodge City, Emiliano took his team to state by scoring the winning goal. He was also interviewed after the game and has a feature on KSHAA.

When asked what his favorite soccer memory is he responds “My favorite soccer memory was being able to play with all of my childhood friends all in one team, and making that a core memory that I’ll keep forever.”

After high school, he plans to attend K-State and pursue a career in construction management.

When asked what he will miss most about high school he responds, “I’ll miss the feeling of still being in high school. The feeling of being able to see my friends and having classes with them. The feeling of coming to school and knowing if it was going to be fun or boring day. I’m glad I can say I had a great high school experience. All the memories I made with everyone in high school will forever stay with me as well.”

Emiliano hopes that everyone takes away that “la Juventud nomas hay una”, meaning your youth only happens once. Enjoy your years here in high school. Be involved, happy, energetic, and have fun. Make memories you can talk about at a cookout 20 years from now.