A Push for Four Math Credit Requirement

The Kansas Board of Regents is now recommending that 4 math credits be required for graduation. They say that math skills are critical for higher education  and success in future work. They say “the public post secondary system will work with the Kansas State Department of Education to support students in a variety of different types of math courses that best meet each students needs and career interests.”

The board is also recommending that every student complete a FASFA. The application is free and is used for financial support for students pursuing higher education. “Kansas ranks 36th nationally in FASFA completion and the class of 2021 left more than 35 million in federal aid unclaimed,” The board says.

The rest of the recommended requirements for graduation are already required here at North

We asked Counselor Carlos Cottner how he feels about the changes. “Neither one, none of them… Because what’s going to happen is that they’re going to press the math and cause a lot of stress and put teachers in a stressful position to try and help kids pass.” he said.

“Not everyone can do FASFA and not all kids have a social security number.” he said. He continues with saying, “They’re assuming every kid is sitting next to a parent saying ‘come on lets do your FASFA’, when in reality if the parent doesn’t want to do it then how is the kid supposed to do it?”

Counselor Griffith says, “I think it’s a good idea to do the FASFA because a lot of kids will have a better opportunity to go to college.” When asked about the new math requirements she said, “That would require more math for the kids and some colleges and programs don’t require more math so i’m not sure about the math.”

There has been no information given as to when or if this will be approved.