Students rally to protest for equality


Isabel Paez, Reporter

On April 1st, a group of North High students rallied on the football turf at 11:15 am. Armed with signs and chants of “We Say Gay!” these young protesters gathered together in defiance of the recent anti-LGBTQ+ laws in Texas and Florida.

This protest was organized by Alex Jones, a sophomore here at North High.

When asked why they organized the rally, Jones had this to say.

“We are protesting against the anti-LGBTQ+ laws that have been put into place. For example, the laws in Florida with the “Don’t say Gay law.” And the law in Texas that made it illegal to give kids trans care.”

They continued.

“I’m hoping that it will show some of the kids here, not only how big the support is for the gay kids but also show the problems that are happening in the world.”

Whilst Alex may have organized the gathering, he was in no means the only passionate person in attendance. There were dozens of protesters on the turf with signs and in attendance were both members of the LGBTQ+ community and their allies.

Selene Coleptor, another 10th grader at North, also attended the rally.

“I am a part of the LGBTQ+ community and I just find it so unfair that people are discriminated against because of we are and who we love. It doesn’t matter if who you love, even if others think it’s wrong. Who cares who you are in love with? Worry about yourself,” she said.

“Don’t treat us any differently,” Coleptor also said.