Meet Senior Softball Player Micaela Cruz

Skye Todd, Reporter

Micaela Cruz has been involved with sports since her freshman year of high school. Those sports include softball, track and field, and cross country. She has enjoyed her time as a softball player and express what it feels like to now be in her senior year playing, “To be a senior this year it feels really good, it’s nice to have a bigger role than all the years before and be able to show initiative and be more reliable in helping my team.”

As with many other athletes in high school, COVID has caused some of the seasons to be cut short. That was the case for Micaela but she also ran into injury as well. She shared her thoughts on her pass seasons, “Since freshman year, I’ve only had 1 full season. My sophomore year was cut short from COVID, and junior year I got injured. It has been nice to see everyone else’s personal growth, and watch other teammates gain more confidence in themselves. It’s been fun to also grow as a player, and notice how big the difference is between club ball and high school ball.”

Micaela truly enjoys softball as a player so for her to be in her senior she expressed her hopes heading into this last year of playing, “My hopes for senior year softball is to just enjoy my last season, to not worry about wins, or personal failures but to just enjoy the time I have left with both the sport and the people.”

As a multi sport athlete, Micaela has talent in different sports and knows that, with that in mind she shared her future college plans, “I’m planning on continuing to run cross country and track & field at the collegiate level of NJCAA division 1 for Colorado Mountain College.”

Although Micaela has faced some adversity within her sports career, she hasn’t stopped pushing and continues to do her best no matter what. She is also enjoying every moment she can in her senior year of not only softball, but also just high school.