Who is Micah Osborne?

Kylie LeValley and Peyton Adams, Reporter

Sophomore, Micah Osborne creates balloon art for parties. He created this business because his parents thought he would be good at creating the balloon creations they had seen other people create.


Q: How did you learn how to do this?

A: I learned how to do it by watching YouTube



Q: What got you into this hobby?

A: My parents encouraged me to make balloon art to decorate for family parties so I learned how to make balloon art. Once people saw me doing it, I did it more because they liked it.


Q: Do you see yourself doing this in the future?

A: I got hired by a rich family to decorate for their parties and I basically run my own business. I do the cost of supplies multiplied by two and then I add ten dollars for every hour I work. I see myself doing it until college until I start working towards my career. I could use it as my side hustle while in college.