North grad Lewis has Colonel promotion where it all began

Isabel Paez, Reporter

To serve one’s country is a choice that should not be taken lightly. Your life, and the lives of those who look to you for leadership should you be promoted, is at risk. One path that could lead to making such a big decision would be being inspired by the JROCT program. Such was the case for one Nathan L. Lewis.

 On February 1st, Nathan L. Lewis was promoted from Lieutenant Colonel to Colonel. Born and raised here in Wichita, Kansas, his journey began when Lewis was a student at North High. He was a part of the JROCT Program, and he eventually became a cadet battalion commander for the program in 1997. In his junior year he enlisted in the US Army Reserve.

Lewis decided to hold his colonel promotion ceremony here at North High in the auditorium to an audience of current high school cadets. In attendance were also old friends and his higher ups. To put into perspective how many people become colonels, only about 2% of those in the Army become Colonels. Certainly, a great achievement for Lewis. He is married to the former Brooke Marciniak, a math educator, and they have one son, Ronan, and one dog, Teela. Though surely a source of pride for his family it is also a source of pride for North High School. To have an alum as brave and prestigious as Lewis is a great honor for North.