Festival choir concert brings the magic

Marie Loest, Reporter

The festival choir concert was ‘outstanding’ in the words of the singers who performed. Thursday, March 3rd the north high choirs. Treble 1,Tenor Bass, Nocturns, Concert Choir, and Madrigals sang beautiful songs and felt the moment.

Director Amy Davidson was ecstatic about the festival concert. “Oh my gosh, there is so much improvement within all the choirs. When I think about where we started it feels like we pulled off a magic trick because they all have worked very hard to improve and its starting to pay off,” she said. 

Abbi Faflick an old student teacher for Davidson, had a perspective from the audience on the students improvement. “They’re finally getting back into the North High way of doing things and just to see glimmers of what it was like pre-pandemic. When I was in high school that’s what I saw and I was like ‘North is amazing and their choirs are amazing.’ To hear that coming back was the best part of this concert. They are so excited and its refreshing to see that again.”

“Favorites only” When it comes to picking and selecting music for all the choirs. Davidson finds the best songs that will fit each choir the best. As well as picking what will push and challenge the students. Davidson also picks her favorites.  When Davidson was asked about how a concert gets put together through a school week she had a lot to tell. 

“Oh yes, It takes a lot of planning outside the school day. People don’t think about you go sit with your starting choir then go on and off stage then move to this and that. I have to have all that planned out before hand so I can communicate it, making sure people know what to wear, and what time, and what’s expected of them on top of teaching them how to be good people. It’s very stressful. But on top of all that there is no payoff quite like a performance because then people can be like we did that thing. In the end the stress is worth it.”

At the end of every concert Davidson lets the alumni come up to sing the ‘Alma Mater.’  “Before the pandemic I would joke around with the kids and tell them this was their last time on stage here ever. We thought ha ha that’s all funny and in a joking way. But then the pandemic came and took that opportunity from them and I promised I would never say something was the last time again. Our new tradition would be to let them come back. One good thing did come out of the pandemic.”