Who is Maley Hansen?


Kylie LeValley, Reporter

Let’s get to know Maley!

Maley is involved in soccer, golf, STUCO, NHS, SHH, DECA, BPA, and Scholar’s Bowl. While juggling all of these activities and sports that she participates in, she works at Butch’s Corner during lunch and reads the morning announcements for all of us.

“It’s definitely hard to pick a favorite but if I had to choose my favorite athletic activity would definitely be soccer. I haven’t found a single thing that compares to the feeling I get stepping on that field.” Soccer means a lot to Maley. Other than sports Maley enjoys BPA, Business Professionals of America, “I’ve really enjoyed the new entrepreneurship event I am trying this year and it is going extremely well so far.

For anyone interested in any of these activities Maley says to just go for it and try it out. “I have tried so many things while in my time at North and not all of them have stuck, but a lot of them have. Even the things I didn’t enjoy as much and didn’t continue to do still made a positive impact on me and I’m extremely thankful for that.”

After high school, Maley wants to get into a good college to further her education and would like to continue some of the activities. “I would love to play soccer at the collegiate level. I would also like to continue DECA and/or BPA in college.”

Maley’s motto for life is to just keep going. Throughout all of the experiences, she has had due to COVID changing a lot of things, she has found that perseverance is key in her life. She also believes that you can do anything you want to do if you try your hardest.