Montanez enjoying his final swim season

Skye Todd, Reporter

This North High Swimming season is the last one for senior swimmer Marcos Montanez. Due to Covid, Marcos didn’t get to enjoy swimming last year, so to have an audience this year wasn’t really a major difference for him but he does enjoy having a crowd. Since swimming with North, Marcos has experience the good times of being apart of the team and shared what it feels like to be a senior on the team now, “Overall I don’t feel like a senior since Covid and everything, I’m a freshman still in my mind. But it does feel good to get faster times and I’m definitely going to miss it.”

Marcos has been swimming for a while but mainly does it for fun. He expressed the impact swimming has had on his life, “It’s been a great way to spend my time, I’m not physically active outside of it so it helps keep me in shape. It also helps motivate me to keep my grades up and overall its great to do something and swimming is my thing.”

Like any other athlete, Marcos gets nervous before meets and to help with it he does one main thing; “I just power through it, get ready for it and hype myself up. I realize I have to go through with it no matter what and I’m going to do it at the end of the day.”

After he graduates, Marcos shared his future swim plans once high school ends, “I won’t swim competitively at college, school sports for me was never about the competition, it was about the self improvement so I’ll probably do it on my own time but not at college or on a team.”

With being deep into the swim season, Marcos expressed how his season is going so far, “Its going a lot better than I thought it would and being at school is a lot betterĀ  and has helped me academically.”

The North High swim team is still in their season so Marcos is still taking in all the moments and enjoying them to the fullest.