Start a band

Local band Social Cinema encourages young musicians to pursue their dream

Layla Johnson, Reporter

North High Musicians and creatives alike have probably dreamed about being in a band. Rocking out onstage while your fans cheer for you. Touring across the U.S. with your closest friends. It might seem like a farfetched fantasy, but these local musicians are telling you: START A BAND!


At the Cotillion’s very first alcohol free show, I had the pleasure of interviewing the members of Social Cinema. This all-ages show was a night to remember and proved that no one is too young to get into local music.


“It always felt pretty exclusionary to not be able to play most venues, especially when you’re first starting out. It’s so cool to be able to play an all-ages venue like this, it’s really an honor. I can’t tell you how many bars I’ve gotten kicked out of right after playing my set, it’s crazy.” says Mari Crisler, who plays the guitar and keyboard.


Getting young people into local music is a constant struggle. Whether it’s 21+ shows or the anxiety that comes from networking, it can be hard for teenagers wanting in. However, the local music scene needs you.


“We grew up in the all-ages shows, there’s no way we could have started Kill Vargas [previous band] as young as we were without alcohol free spots. So, this is great to get younger kids into it, you never know who’s going to start the next really cool band,” drummer Logan Bush explained.


The beauty of local art is its unique culture. Wichita art has been evolving for decades and has developed its own style and sound. Young people are essential to continuing this legacy. The next amazing band, or the next amazing artist, can shape the Wichita community for ages.


“It can be hard to find local bands at first, but once you find them just go up and say hi, ask ‘hey can my band play with you?’ and most of the time it’ll be a yes,” lead singer Griffin Bush said.


Social Cinema is going on their first tour as their new group in March, called the “Star Quality Tour”. Their kickoff show is on March 16th at The Back Beat, where they’ll play alongside other bands from Wichita. Check them out on Instagram @socialcinemaband to find their next show!