Students Help Farmers Recover from Fire

North High teacher Ginger Merlau went to paradise Kansas to help farmers recover from the fires that they suffered from last month.


Elle Warren, Reporter

There was a group of students that went to Paradise, Kansas to help fix the areas of the Kansas that got burnt  by a fire.

Ginger Merlau, the teacher who took the students said “We helped take down fencing for an area farmer”.

This farmer had to do a lot of work for his now burnt down farm so these students went to help the farmer out.

“Helping one person might not change the world, but it could change the world for one person” Merlau said.

These students going to help this farm out was a learning experience, while helping someone else out. One of the ways the group was able to help the farmers was re-hanging fences that had been torn down.

“I learned how to take down the fencing and ho to do it properly” Evelyn  Castillo, a student who attended the trip.

“I thought it would be a learning experience for the students to see how rural America looks like and how it operates” Merlau continued to explain.

The group helped out the farmers a lot.

“…we took down about 5 miles of fencing in the short time we were there. We all just got out in the pasture and it was like we had done this forever as a family” Merlau said.


Great memories were made that we will treasure forever!!