Let Us Go

Jordyn Morse, Reporter

Imagine this; walking 1.6 miles to get to school, you’re only wearing a jacket that was passed down by an older sibling and it’s about 7 degrees outside. After the 1.6 mile walk it no longer feels like 7 degrees, it feels like negative 17 and now the school won’t let you in the building for another 10 minutes.

Sadly this is the reality for people in our school and around the district. The district policy for negative wind-chill numbers is nonexistent. They truly do not have set in stone guidelines to follow for these type of situations. Although it is up to the superintendent to cancel school, there should be better guidelines in place as well as an easier website to navigate for parents to prepare for such events as school closers.

As a bus rider whose bus is constantly late, there are concerns for those who also ride the bus. There are days when bus riders have to was it 30-60 minutes for their bus and the rare occasion that it doesn’t show as well. At negative 11 wind chill for 30 minutes hypothermia starts to set in. That’s irreversible damage done to a student that the district is not liable for.

As of writing this now the district has not responded to questions or given an explanation on winter weather policy. Whether this be a late start to the school day or a canceled day of school, no student should ever risk their health in coming to school.