Girls wrestling motivated to be the team to beat


Skye Todd, Reporter

The North High Girl’s wrestling team season has been a good one so far. Being deep into the season, the girls team have won plenty of matches and don’t plan on stopping. They are currently ranked as number 1 in the state for girls wrestling. “The girls are wrestling really good, we got several returners from last year that are wrestling really well and new ones that are promising and are improving every week,” coach Burgess’s said about this season.

Early on, the girls team did lose a couple of wrestlers but that still hasn’t had much of an impact and Coach Burgess knew that some were going to leave. He praises the ones who have stayed and dedicated their time into the team, “The ones that are committed and been around since summer time are the ones who are having the big seasons, it’s nice as a coach to see the kids who put in the work have that start to pay off.”

With this season beginning to wrap up, Coach Burgess shared what he thinks continues to motivate the girls to win, “Winning motivates winning you know, when your out there fighting in front of your family, you want to win. I think that breeds competition and makes them push their selves harder.”

The team is still practicing and preparing for the city league tournament matches that are coming up. One thing Coach Burgess mentioned was that he hopes the girls soak in the memories and not take it too seriously, but to just enjoy the moment.