What goes in to a special transfer?


Elle Warren, Reporter

Many people come to North High on special transfer because of how great of a school it is.

“There’s a variety of reasons” Principle Stephanie Wasko said when interviewed.

Friends, Family, Traditions, Biomed, and Engineering, are just a couple of the reasons people transfer to North High.

“Good grades, good behavior, and good attendance” are 3 requirements you have to meet to be on special transfer Wasko stated.

Kylie Levalley attends North as a special transfer because she wanted to be part of the BioMed program.

“Biomed is like a second family” Kylie LeValley, a student in biomed shared. “I would recomend Biomed because you can learn a lot and its very welcoming.”

People are constantly becoming a North High student.

“There’s usually more students starting now, wanting to come to North next year” Princible Wasko said.

Even with many new students becoming North High students due to special transfers, there are still students getting their special transfers revoked.

“Every semester we look at grades, behavior, and attendance, and if that semester, they aren’t meeting the guidelines, they either get put on probation…or they could get revoked,” Wasko said.

” We also can revoke at anytime if there’s a significant behavior problem” Wasko shared, explaining some polices on revoking special transfers before a semester ends.

The same criteria go into special transfers, and revoking, district wide.

“Some schools define what “good” is differently then me”  Wasko explained.