No remote option putting quarantined students in a bind

Wendy Martinez, Reporter

First semester of the 2021-2022 school year students who were quarantined at home had the option of logging in remotely while they were quarantined. Everything changed second semester of the school year when that option was taken away. Now the only thing students can do is contact the teachers and ask for any work they can get done while being stuck at home.

“The school not having a remote option this semester didn’t affect me as much since I’m a senior, I have pass-cards and only have an English class to take this semester,” Samantha Lopez said.

There’s many mixed emotions when it comes to the remote option for some students like seniors it doesn’t make a difference but for others it affects them in many ways.

Isabella Hernandez said, “I don’t see how they expect us to catch up on all the work were gonna have when we go back to school after being quarantined, I think not having the remote option stresses students more because before we could log in and we could at least know what was going on in class and now we just have unexplained assignments we have to do.”

This semester the number of students and teachers quarantined is at a high point teachers are being understandable and flexible when it comes to the work you are behind on.