Getting to know Bilhah Bengi


Kylie LeValley, Reporter

Lets get to know Bilhah Bengi!

Bilhah is involved in HOSA, Bio-Med, AVID, National Honors Society, STUCCO, and sports wrestling, track, cross country, and softball. “My motivation for all these activities is to have fun and make friends and socialize. Also because I love being busy and staying active, as well as it gives me a sense of purpose,” she said.

Wrestling is Bilhah’s favorite activity out of everything she does because “it’s an intense sport that takes all my hard work and effort.” By the time Bilhah is done with a match she is proud of everything she’s put into it.

If someone wants to join any or all of the activities Bilhah is in, she says to just reach out. “We love getting people involved and sharing our experiences of why we fell in love with the club, the sport, and the people who participate,” she said.

With being involved in so many activities and events for the school, Bilhah will have left her mark on North.

“To be completely honest, my end goal is to leave high school with an impact. That has always been my goal, to leave my mark on the school and my friends.” After high school, Bilhah “hopes to continue wrestling in college.” She will also be looking into continuing HOSA but on the national level.