Boys Swim and Dive Update

Marie Loest, Reporter

The boys swim and dive team have been very busy these past few months. We’ve had lots of successful meets, successful swims, and successful dives. The boys have made big steps and have really shown what they got this year.

“January is the busiest time for swim and dive. We will have 6 meets over 25 days. I feel like it was just November, and then I blinked and we are three weeks out of city league.  Time is flying.” Coach Melody Turley excitingly says.

The team has some state qualifiers, Lane Werth (swimming) and Daniel Bernal (diving). Werth qualified in the 200 free, 50 free, 100 free, 500 free, and 100 back. Bernal qualified in the 200 free relay. Then a swimmer with consideration times, Wyatt Keller in the 50 free. These boys are putting in a lot of work and its paying off.

Goals are being made and accomplished. The team has so many new and exciting things happening. The team have brand new parkas to keep everybody warm at the meets. Lane Werth said ” The season so far has been amazing, I’ve swam well at many meets and swam some great times. Along with that I’ve been able to make friends with many people.”

The team is making great strides this year. There are a lot of new- comers and new friendships being made. The pool is a great place to try something new. Everyone there, is there for the same reason so no matter what you will always have something in common with someone else. Plus Coach Turley is a blast herself.

She keeps everyone on their toes and ready to go. ” Practices have been rough here and there.” Lane Werth says. Coach Turley is always there is push and help you get you to your goals. The season is almost up which means only a handful of meets left. Go support our swimmers and divers! Especially Thursday January 27th, its senior night. Come watch out seniors in action.