One of a Kind

Elle Warren, Reporter

If there was one word to describe senior Aumage King, it would be creative. He is known for a lot of things, art, pottery, but most well known, music.

“Music was something I caught onto really quickly,” he said.

Amauge is a very talented artist who has  hit 134,ooo plays on one of his tracks, called “Don’t Wish You Well.” This was one thing that he is most proud of himself for.

“Every beat I’m proud of,” King mentioned.

This shows his dedication and love he has for music and making beats.

“If it wasn’t for music, I would be a lot more depressed,”

Music really does bring people together and Amauge is a perfect example of this.

“All the love and support I get on my beats on sound cloud really encourages me to make more”

Art teacher Tina Thomas has seen how music has positively affected his art work as well.

“I think the whole creative process of making art is the same as writing music,” Thomas said

“You’re using other parts of your brain that you don’t normally use and stimulating other thought processes.”

Anyone that is interested in listening to his music can find it here:

Stream AmaugeVsTheWrld? music | Listen to songs, albums, playlists for free on SoundCloud