How Does Weather Affect Students Attendance?


Wendy Martinez, Reporter

Weather has a big role when it comes to students attendance. Acc0rding  to an article on the Washington Post “Students who walk to school tend to miss 10%  more days during bad weather”. A big percentage of students walk to school so when there is bad weather like rain or snow they would much rather stay home than having to get themselves and their belongings wet or even sick.

“weather makes me feel less motivated specially on rainy days it makes me feel tired I often miss school or go home earlier when the weather is like that.” says Sandra Vasquez.

During winter even the kids that get rides to school have bad attendance. When parents look outside the window and they see there’s snow or when they listen to the news and hear the roads will be slippery they much rather keep their kids home.

“I walk to school all year round so I always hate winter time. Walking in the cold is the worst thing ever even when you layer yourself with multiple clothing you can still feel the cold, sometimes I miss school when I know I can’t handle the weather but it also hurts my grades so sometimes I have to go no matter the weather” says Alexa Martinez.

When the weather is nice and sunny students tend to be more motivated going to school you can even see a larger percentage walking to school. “If the weather is nice and sunny then it lightens the mood and makes you feel more active, when the weather is nice I walk to school that way I can have a nice long walk, walking by the river and enjoying the view” says Samantha Ibarra.