Dance and Cheer Show


Nuriah Rey and Taylyn Padilla

Dance show took place November 10, 2021. There was 20 different schools including colleges. Each school did an amazing job showing what they have been working on throughout this year. This show definitely made up for not having one last year because of Covid. Dance Show had a big crowd full of families, friends, and also coaches that came to support there school and friends. North was so excited to host this big event!


Cheer show was on November 11th and it was hosted by Wichita heights high school.  This is a big event because a event like this only happens like once a year. The Wichita north high cheer team dedicated their routine to a cheerleader who graduated last year who had passed away. They dedicated their performance to her and by wearing yellow bows.  The performance was amazing and the cheer team got a superior rating.