A Current Update on Covid-19

Kaiser Lyne, Reporter

We all have heard about the Covid-19 pandemic, but have you been updated on it recently? Have you listened to the news of variants and the change in numbers?

As of recently, other than the Delta variant, there is another–supposedly milder–variant. It’s called the Omicron variant that emerged in South Africa. According to the CNBC, the symptoms are said to be: tiredness, “body aches and pain”, headaches, and a “scratchy throat”. However, there was said to be no cough or loss of taste and smell. The concern for this is the large number of mutations compared the the original disease. Because of how different it is, identifying the variants may pose some difficulty.

Compiled from multiple sources, we can see that the current number of cases has dwindled down severely, but they are not gone. The numbers are still on the rise in some areas, and since this Summer, they have only gone up. The weekly average of cases for the U.S. since the beginning of November has ranged between 70,000 and 80,000.

Comparatively, the weekly average cases in Kansas since the beginning of November are up around 1,000. Sedgwick County itself hasn’t gone over a weekly average of 200 cases since the beginning of November. Even though some of those numbers may seem small in comparison, it is still a risk if people do not take the proper precautions to avoid catching this disease.