World language hallway creates Di de los Muertos display

Arely Moreno, Reporter

Arely Moreno

What is una ofrenda for the people who don’t know, it is an altar made/built to remember/honor lost loved ones. What goes on an ofrenda? You may be wondering, typically ofrendas include photographs of the lost loved one(s), candles, incense, flowers (mainly marigolds) and food and some of their favorite things they enjoyed when the where with us. One purpose of an ofrenda is that it is left for the souls of the decreased to come back and be able to enjoy their worldly pleasures once more.  For the sugar skulls all over on the ofrenda they represent a departed love one. When is dia de los Muertos and when do you put up the ofrenda? November 2 and can be put up October 31.